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September 14, 2017

Managed Testing Explained

Q: How long does it take to schedule a test? ALWAYS AVAILABLE 24/7: Self Serve Tests SCHEDULING REDWOLF MANAGED TESTS: Immediately if resources available. Normal is two weeks.  If test design / recon / etc… is necessary two to three weeks is recommended. Try to get on a calendar as soon as possible. Weekends are Read More

August 15, 2017

RedWolf Technical Details

Q: Can a Virtual Machine be provided to be used as a target for the testing? YES. RedWolf offers a downloadable VMware virtual machine ‘agent’ that can be used in local networks (typically labs) to generate traffic. Even though these agents are local they are still controlled from the same ‘’ portal.   The amount Read More

July 30, 2017

DDoS Testing – Common Questions

Q: What are the benefits of DDoS testing? • Demonstrable capability • Improve Operational Performance • Optimize configuration • Extract full value of infrastructure and services • Manage 3rd party risk • Confirm technical controls • Confirm SLA’s • Keep up to date with emerging threats Q: How can DDoS testing be done safely? RedWolf Read More

March 10, 2017

Case Study: Benefits of Iterative Defense Improvements

Telling your COO or CEO that you need to test your cyber security against a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is easy enough—today’s smart executives know the importance of cyber security and uptime, and they know a DDoS attack can severely damage a company’s reputation and relationship with its customers. But when your executives in turn Read More

February 15, 2017

RedWolf Security Updates DNS Offerings for Q1 2017

Do you know how critical DNS is? You won’t be hard-pressed to find a recent cyberattack that impacted a company’s operations. Of course, last year’s DDoS attack on Dyn DNS immediately comes to mind, but there are countless more cyberattacks that disrupt businesses and have the potential to cost your company hundreds of thousands of Read More

January 26, 2017

New: Data center support for Upcloud

RedWolf is pleased to announce new data center support for Upcloud. RedWolf agents can now be located in any Upcloud data center, with traffic levels up to 5 Gigabit/sec per data center. RedWolf support for IPV4 and IPV6 DDoS agent availability in the following Upcloud data centers: – Helsinki, Finland – London, England – Frankfurt, Read More

December 7, 2016

RedWolf Security: On the importance of highly distributed global traffic generation for DDoS testing / simulation

When doing DDoS testing it is important to generate traffic from a many diverse sources as possible. RedWolf Security has the capability to generate global traffic to over 100 data centers in 36 different regions. As of November 2016, all 36 data centers also support IPV6. No other provider of DDoS testing / simulation services Read More

November 29, 2016

Simulating Internet-of-Things / IoT DDoS + Black Nurse with RedWolf

RedWolf is pleased to announce general availability of IoT / Mirai / Black Nurse DDoS cloud testing / simulation capability. These recent DDoS attacks have changed the playing field within a short time (Q4 2016) by creating new attack vectors, million-strong botnets, and the largest (>600 Gigabit/sec) DDoS attacks.   How RedWolf has simulated the Read More

November 1, 2016

DDoS Test Plan Template (winter 2016 release)

RedWolf customers are familiar with the XLS template used to help plan DDoS tests. The latest changes to the XLS template include: project-tracking milestones — The RedWolf process keeps getting better! The XLS now includes a very refined and minimal project plan, making it easy to manage by RedWolf and internal project teams. The plan Read More