Our clients business depends on being online, where the stakes are high. We are proud to played in part in improving the security capabilities of many of the largest and most respected global brands. From electronic storefronts to the highest levels of national infrastructure. Clients put cyber defense capabilities at the center of everything they do trust RedWolf.

RedWolf services industries such as banking-and-capital-markets, healthcare, insurance, public-sector, retail, technology, travel, manufacturing, media & entertainment, natural resources oil & gas, telecommunications, transportation and utilities.


We have been using RedWolf Security since 2016, and I have to say they have transformed the way we approach our mandatory security control testing. Testing with RedWolf Security provides us with the assurance that our technology, controls and operations continue to work effectively. Redwolf has provided us with an effective and economical way to validate our investment in defense infrastructure. As risk to infrastructure increases exponentially, we are confident RedWolf will continue to exceed our expectations. RedWolf’s easy-to-use platform and flexible API enable us to validate and improve our security posture year over year. RedWolf Security remains the vendor of choice for security control testing initiatives.

AVP, Information SecurityFinancial (Insurance)

RedWolf turned out to be a great choice for testing. Working with RedWolf allowed us to uncover a number of deficiencies in our DDoS mitigation strategy. We found the default configuration we started with offered insufficient protection. Their thoughtful analytical reports uncovered numerous ways to improve our existing systems. Over the last three years we literally went from zero-to-hero. Our ability to manage 3rd party risk was greatly improved. The support materials RedWolf supplied were very useful in optimizing our run-books. We started with outages measuring in hours and now can reliably begin mitigating attacks in 30 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the response needed. Attack vectors which used to render production systems inoperable now cause no impact.

COOE-Commerce (online market)

RedWolf’s reports are incredible. The level of detail they capture goes way-beyond what we expected. Their team brought great insight into the vendors we tested during a bake-off. They demonstrated more knowledge on how to optimize the systems than the vendor-representatives we had on site! We urge companies to perform this type of live-testing. It made the theoretical-practical. Our management team sleeps soundly at night knowing our technology and teams have demonstrated effective countermeasures to DDoS and other threats.

CTOFinancial (Insurance)

We started with another DDoS testing company but were not impressed with the control they had over their attacks or the quality of the monitoring they did. RedWolf offered us the means to test very specific breakpoints and levels as well as control the traffic so as to target specific data centers and regions. Without this fine-grained control we could not have tested the things we needed to. Every time we pitched a ‘what if we tried this’ to the RedWolf team they always replied ‘no problem, we can already do that’. They delivered on their promise of making DDoS testing ‘almost fun’!

VP SecurityGaming