August 15, 2017

Do you have the ability to customize request headers and cookies?

YES RedWolf can customize all HTTP headers and randomize any parameter of them.
MANY PARAMETERS AVAILABLE: In addition to headers, protocol options like HTTP 1.0, 1.1, /2, keep-alive on/off, cache control, cookies can also be supplied and randomization options.
These are all available to users to edit in the visual test designer in the portal.
When complex headers and cookies are set up for some requests RedWolf recommends running very low level (a single IP, 1-2 request/sec) against a target to verify that the parameters are working as expected. Modern applications sometimes set a large number of headers with unusual values and it is a good idea to test these requests to ensure the load balancer and application logic will respond as expected to the requests. Because RedWolf has the ability to traffic-limit the HTTP(s) request rate this is easy to do and recommended prior to doing a ‘big test’.