The most realistic and comprehensive cloud-based DDoS testing and insider-threat simulation for enterprise.

  • State of the art cyber-attack testing

    RedWolf's mature and trusted DDoS suite provides a safe and cost-effective way to validate production system performance, improve alerting and detection, calibrate mitigation systems, optimize operational responses and confirm SLA's and controls.

    • Trusted Vendor

      #1 provider of DDoS simulation for Fortune 500 companies since 2006!

    • Complete Solution

      Full support for test design, 24/7 test execution, and expert analysis and recommendations

    • Most Attack Vectors

      Over 300 unique DDoS attacks, IPV4/6, HTTP, DNS, SSDP, NTP, IPSEC & More

    • Richest Monitoring

      Real-time monitoring of performance of all targets and over 140 metrics collected

    • Benefit

      Optimize your defense configuration and demonstrate capability against real threats

  • Security-element focused testing

    Full-path testing of CDN's, WAF's, ISP mitigators, routers, mitigation systems, firewalls,IPS's, load balancers, encryption systems, authentication mechanisms, web servers, application servers, DNS infrastructure and more.

    • Local Mitigation Systems

      A10, Arbor Networks, Corero, F5, Fortinet, Huawei, Juniper, Narus, RadWare, RioRey, ...

    • DDoS Mitigation Services

      ISP/carrier defenses, cloud solutions like Akamai, Arbor, BlackLotus/Level 3, CloudFlare, DOSarrest, F5 Networks, Incapsula, NeuStar, Nexusguard, RadWare, Verisign.

    • Firewalls

      Barracuda, Checkpoint, Cisco, Juniper, F5 Networks, Fortinet, Huawei, McAfee, Palo Alto, Sonic Wall, WatchGuard

    • Web Application Firewalls (WAF)

      Akamai Kona, Citrix, Cloudflare, F5 Networks, Imperva, Palo Alto, RadWare, Trustwave

    • Test Coverage

      Test complexity ranges from mandatory "basic", challenging "intermediate" and state-of-the-art "advanced" vectors

  • Stress & Load Testing

    RedWolf's next-generation cloud-based web portal test designer makes it easy to design cost-effective and state-of-the-art application tests.

    • Easy to Use

      Includes free 2 hour online training and you are ready to go!

    • Real-time control

      All parameters can be modified in real-time, interactively

    • Advanced Capabilities

      User behaviors in real browsers, application fuzzing, HTML5 video streaming and more

    • Safe

      Perfect-Traffic-Shaping to 0.01 megabit/sec; 10 second emergency stop

    • Test Library

      Build repeatable test-library. Full API for automation.

  • The RedWolf Platform

    RedWolf's next-generation cloud-based testing platform

    • Expert-Guided Option

      RedWolf can analyze your servers and build a world-class reusable test library.

    • Self Serve Option

      Design and run your own tests with RedWolf's next-gen user interface

    • Unlimited

      No limits on test vectors, tarets, monitors, etc...

    • Add-n capacity

      Affordably add more bandwidth and cloud agents.

    • Multi-User

      Audited multi-user system with multiple roles for safety

Hundreds of Fortune 2000 companies trust Redwolf

  • We began RedWolf testing 3 years ago. Our complex, layered defense systems are managed by multiple teams and need to function as a single defense system. Using Redwolf we have verified that historic weaknesses in both process and technology have been significantly strengthened. Our critical stakeholders are very pleased in the demonstrably improved the capabilities of our cyber-defense systems.
  • Fortune 25 Financial

Simulation of multiple, realistic DDoS attack vectors that test mitigation devices and measure performance

Learn how redwolf’s process ensures application performance and 360º security resilience.
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