Cloud Security Testing

How do you *KNOW* if you are secure? By far the best way is to test your systems and processes against realistic threats. RedWolf Security make that easy and safe to determine and improve your defence capabilities.

Cloud DDoS

RedWolf is the premium cloud-DDoS testing provider globally. We offer an easy-to-use testing system that is either self-serve or guided by RedWolf experts with years of experience helping secure the world’s largest and most complex enterprise networks.

Our capabilities are extreme: unlimited number of agents, unlimited attack sizes, vast array of attack vectors, and tremendous real-time control.

How RedWolf DDoS protection is different

Experience: Every day we run dozens of DDoS tests around the world and have built an unrivaled platform and testing methodology.

Most Trusted – Over 100 Fortune 500 companies as customers. 95% of tests launched against production systems.

Most Attack Vectors – More than 150 unique cloud-attacks — most anywhere. Many unique vectors are designed by Redwolf® in partnership with defense contractors to provide the most challenging attacks.

Most Experienced – Over 10 years ago RedWolf pioneered legal DDoS testing sourced from all the major cloud providers: Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Rackspace, and HP. We’ve run 1000’s of DDoS tests. Every day we run dozens of tests globally for Fortune 2000 companies.

Guided and Self-Serve – You can leverage RedWolf’s brain trust or run the tests yourself using our advanced web-based attack console.

Security Device Testing

Sometimes you need to focus a test on a specific security element. RedWolf has specific attack vectors that are well mated to specific security elements.

Contact us for details on how we
can target specific elements like:

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Additionally, several monitoring systems are often tested in concert with the above (logging systems, netflow/snmp, service monitors)

The RedWolf Platform

RedWolf’s Testing Platform is becoming the de facto cloud traffic generator for many organizations. An easy-to-use self-serve interface allows unlimited users to manage a library of unlimited tests.

One of the biggest barriers to effective cloud adoption is connecting, synchronizing, and relating data, applications, and processes between cloud and on-premise systems — more than 64 percent of companies indicated they face this challenge today.

How RedWolf DDoS Protection is different

Platform Features:

24/7 – The platform is multi-user and available 24/7. Multiple tests can be run simultaneously.

Shared Agents – Shared agents are always available and allow up to 5 Gigabit/sec without any reservation.

Library – Load previous tests from your personal library. Build new tests in a visual editor.

Dashboards – Real-time dashboards for traffic, monitors, test-targets and more.

Integrated Monitoring – Platform includes a variety of monitors: HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, TCP, ICMP, TRACEROUTE, BGP. Most monitors record dozens of metrics for every poll. The system supports an unlimited number of monitors that can be geographically distributed.


Self-Serve Testing (run your own tests)

RedWolf’s visual platform is easy-to-use. Tests can be designed using a simple drag-and-drop interface that resembles Microsoft Visio. Free weekly training webinars for customers and private team training are available. The online platform is available 24/7.

Find out more information about our training offerings.

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How The RedWolf Security Platform Training and Support Options

RedWolf Security offers a number of training and support offerings:

Private Training – Private team online training and exercises.

Safe Practice – RedWolf provides real servers to practice tests on (test targets). Yes, you can legally DDoS our test-target servers!

Test Review – RedWolf can review your test implementations to correct errors and suggest improvements.