August 15, 2017

What attack vectors do you support?

As of 2017 RedWolf’s attack vector library has over 300 different vectors. Most vectors have numerous parameters that can be tweaked/customized. An NDA is required to see the full list as it is a closely held secret.
What’s more important than the list of attack vectors is the control over them — this is where RedWolf leads the industry. RedWolf can:

  • Stop traffic in 3 seconds — fastest in industry.
  • Control exactly where the traffic comes from by provider, region, or even an individual IP.
  • Control traffic precisely with smooth ramp-up/down of bandwidth, connections, requests.
  • Make live changes to any parameter in real-time — excellent to test adaptive defenses.
  • Create complex ramp-up’s, attack-groups, blended-attacks, multi-target attacks.
  • And more

Here is a summary of the platform’s technical capabilities:


Meet RedWolf at RSA Conference 2019

Sharjil Khan, Principal Consultant at Redwolf Security Inc will be giving a presentation ‘How to Design and Operate a DDOS Testing Program’ on March 6th between 1:30pm and 4:30pm.

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