September 13, 2017

What on premise technologies have you worked with and what is your level of understanding?

The most common technologies RedWolf has good to great understanding of:
• Arbor Pravail / TMS
• RadWare Defense Pro / Alteon
• F5 LTM and ASM
• Citrix Netscalers
• Firewalls: Checkpoint, Juniper, Palo-Alto
• Routers: Cisco and Juniper
• SIEM: Arcsight, Splunk
• Most enterprise SNMP and NetFlow monitoring systems
• IPS: Sourcefire, McAfee
• Authentication: Entrust
• Web servers: Apache, IIS, Nginx, IBM, WebSphere
• (list goes on)
RedWolf prides itself on providing this type of testing for the largest enterprises in the world for over 12 years. As such our teams have gained tremendous exposure to virtually every enterprise infrastructure, defense, and monitoring system imaginable.
Our knowledge is not limited to:
DDoS Detection Systems
Cloud monitoring, flow-based, SNMP, SIEM log detection, Network Monitoring Systems
Cloud Computing
Optimal Auto-scaling, Leveraging Cloud CDN/DNS capabilities, Cloud infrastructure monitoring,
Linux kernel optimization
Cloud WAF
Rate Controls, Session Controls, rule-sets, cloaking back-end IP’s
Cloud DDoS Services
BGP (iBGP, eBGP, BGP Prepending, BGP Communities, GRE, Backbone Connectivity)
Monitoring / Alerting Strategies
Validating ISP throughput (BPS / PPS)
Validating route-attractiveness under attack conditions (where best-routed ISP gets all the traffic)
Issues with ISP mitigation and guidance to ISP mitigation policies and run-books.
DDoS Appliances
Threshold Tuning
Policy Configuration Guidance
Vendor expert introductions
Product Capabilities / Holes
HTTPS attack optimization
Challenge detection and evasion
Protecting API’s from DDoS (vs. regular browser users)
Advanced bypass techniques and vectors
Operationalization Issues with these technologies
Best-practice state-management and expiry
DDoS settings for Juniper, Cisco, Checkpoint and others
Protecting firewalls from being a bottleneck
Load Balancers
Best-practice configuration for F5, and Citrix devices for slow attacks
Optimizing TCP session expiry
Crypto-specific SSL DDoS and protection
Non-DDoS use-cases of these technologies (e.g. data scraping)
Getting the most from IPS systems without causing problems for upstream / downstream devices.
Minimizing false-positives
Authentication/authorization Systems (Entrust most popular)
Apache, IIS, NGINX, Java-based server issues and optimizations
Garbage collection problems while under DDoS attack
Protecting MQ applications tied to Internet infrastructure

Meet RedWolf at RSA Conference 2019

Sharjil Khan, Principal Consultant at Redwolf Security Inc will be giving a presentation ‘How to Design and Operate a DDOS Testing Program’ on March 6th between 1:30pm and 4:30pm.

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