September 13, 2017

Should I target a production or test environment?

If you are new to DDoS testing you may think it is better/safer to test a staging/test system vs. a production system. Based on RedWolf’s 12+ years of doing enterprise DDoS testing we have put together the following information to guide you to the choice that is right for you.
Fact 1: 95% of RedWolf customers test production systems.
When RedWolf started offering DDoS testing back in 2006 our teams though most organizations would be terrified of testing their production systems and would only test non-production staging systems. But we found out that even in 2006 about 25% of testing was to staging/test systems and 75% was to production systems. Over the years this has shifted and in 2016 only 5% of tests were against non-production systems. Only 3% were to staging/test and 2% were a production data center where production traffic had been diverted. 

In terms of value obtained from testing, it is clear that it is always best to run a DDoS test in a production environment.

The reasons are:

1. Staging/testing environments differ significantly from production/staging environments: The configuration and firmware versions of upstream devices are almost never the same, and the number of servers behind load-balancers (and the performance/throughput licenses on devices) are vastly different.
2. The production environment is ultimately what is being defended. Logically it is better to know if a vulnerability exists in a production environment.
3. If a problem occurs in a production environment, it is as likely to be a Firewall, Load Balancer, WAF, or application server as it is a DDoS mitigation device. Testing with RedWolf is full-stack.
4. Operational monitoring of production systems more thoroughly than with test systems. During a test monitoring systems are as important as defense systems.

5. Test systems rarely perform well or the same way as production systems. There are just too many differences to production. It is often a waste of time to test a ‘staging’ system because so many differences mean the results don’t translate well to production.
6. If your DDoS mitigation system auto-learns traffic baselines (vs. having fixed activation thresholds) then those baselines will be vastly different in production vs. staging. If you want to test a staging environment with RedWolf make sure you use the RedWolf system to generate a baseline of legitimate traffic that resembles what you see in production. RedWolf can dedicate a pool ‘good traffic’ agents to interact with the site as real users do.

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