Security Consultant

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

As a Security Consultant, you will be expected to execute and lead security projects, including DDoS assessments, methodology development, security advisory, and research. You will drive the creation of project deliverables such as scoping documents, test implementation and reporting (the delivery of a project).

You will work as part of a larger team located across multiple geographies and will spend time supporting other teams including Sales and Marketing from time to time.

Core Job Functions

  • Meet with clients (online meetings and telephone)
  • Explain our capabilities to clients and scope projects / engagements to their needs
  • Work with clients to run through engagement projects (standard methodology) with regularly scheduled online meetings
  • Keep clients informed as to progress and project timeline risks
  • Capture and confirm all information required for an engagement
  • Profile and model customer networks and services for testing
  • Activate client portals for users, creating licenses and user accounts for them as required
  • Implement monitoring and scenarios in the RedWolf portal for client
  • Give short (2-3 hour) training sessions with clients and partners, helping them also become increasingly self-sufficient in the portal
  • Design test scenarios and implement them in the RedWolf tool.
  • Identify any customer requests we do not currently support and engage with Development to establish a roadmap / timeline for delivery of those capabilities.
  • Educate clients in importance of taking good observations using the RedWolf portal during an exercise.
  • Run tests for clients by controlling scenarios from the RedWolf portal. This may involve after-hours work.
  • Analyze telemetry evidence, technical capability, operational performance and advise clients as required.
  • Help RedWolf automate repeatable portions of the analysis.
  • Drive the creation of deliverables such as reports and executive summary presentations.
  • Stay updated with latest developments in DDoS security space.
  • Contribute to development of tools and knowledge banks, especially online training systems.

RedWolf is a small and dynamic company. Employee acknowledges that they may be asked to perform other duties from time to time in support of the overall RedWolf mission.

Meet RedWolf at RSA Conference 2019

Sharjil Khan, Principal Consultant at Redwolf Security Inc will be giving a presentation ‘How to Design and Operate a DDOS Testing Program’ on March 6th between 1:30pm and 4:30pm.

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