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Fireball Malware Infects 250 Million Computers Worldwide

A massive malware campaign has already infected 250 million Windows and Mac OS computers worldwide. Read More

Rash Of Phishing Attacks Use HTTPS To Con Victims

Phishing sites are deploying freely available TLS certificates in order to dupe victims into thinking they’re visiting a safe site. Read More

Keybase Extension Brings End-to-End Encrypted Chat To Twitter, Reddit, GitHub

A recently released extension for Chrome, developed by the public key crypto database Keybase, brought end-to-end encrypted messaging to several apps this week. Read More

Password Breaches Fueling Booming Credential Stuffing Business

The market for automated credential stuffing tools is growing fast, because of a record number of breaches. Read More

Trump’s Cybersecurity Boss Talks Priorities

The country’s top cybersecurity boss said the country is headed the wrong way when it comes to cybersecurity. Read More

Terror Exploit Kit Evolves Into Larger Threat

The Terror exploit kit has matured into a greater threat and carefully crafts attacks based on a user’s browser environment. Read More

WikiLeaks Dumps CIA Patient Zero Windows Implant

Pandemic is a Windows implant built by the CIA that turns file servers into Patient Zero on a local network, infecting machines requesting files with Trojanized replacements. Read More

Insecure Backend Databases Blamed for Leaking 43TB of App Data

More than 1,000 mobile apps are leaking personal information via unsecured backend platforms such as MongoDB, MySQL and others. Read More

OneLogin Breach Compromised Customer Data, Ability to Decrypt Encrypted Data

A breach at OneLogin appears to have compromised customer data, including the ability to decrypt encrypted data. Read More