DDoS Test Plan Template (winter 2016 release)

November 1, 2016

RedWolf customers are familiar with the XLS template used to help plan DDoS tests. The latest changes to the XLS template include:

  • project-tracking milestones — The RedWolf process keeps getting better! The XLS now includes a very refined and minimal project plan, making it easy to manage by RedWolf and internal project teams. The plan also now includes optional table-top and live-traffic-QA requested by several clients.
  • updated contacts — The template now makes it easier to organize exactly who to to invite to the test.
  • updated network section — This template has evolved to become a step closer to a control-matrix. Capturing information here makes updating internal control matrices and play-books easier.
  • updated timings — Some changes have been made to the RedWolf managed testing process. Between tests new information will be requested to facilitate the new multi-dimensional RedWolf rankings. Up to 5 minutes have been added between tests to accommodate these process changes. This is necessary to support the new 2 working day quick-report and a 10 working day analytical report SLA.
  • 10 new attack vectors — The latest Internet of Things (Mirai) attack code has been captured and instrumented within RedWolf. Several new types of attacks are now available from this codebase. Further, refinements and improvements to slow and connection attacks are present in the template.

Make sure you get the latest XLS template from your support contact! This version makes it even easier to plan a DDoS test!

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